Soils Workshop

Soil Workshop - organised by Watershed Landcare Incorporated

Sustainable soil management

Understand your soil better and how to make the right decisions.

“It’s easier for me to do what the land needs than for the land to do what I want.”

- Bruce Davison

When: Sunday 23rd June, 9 am - 5 pm

Where: Ilford Community Hall, Ilford, NSW

Cost: $55 per person, $40 financial members

Includes USB resource, lunch and smokos

Our presenters:

Bruce Davison, grazier and soil consultant.

Bernie Davison and Shelly Davison.

Creators of the Soilsmith soil test analysis program and the Soilsmith FertCalc program.


Book your spot by Tues 18 June

Numbers are limited

More information

Claudia Wythes

M: 0412 011 064


This one day workshop will focus on the fundamentals of how soil and plants function including the chemical, physical and biological properties of fertile soil.


Participants will learn to properly read and interpret soil reports, and calculate amendments with follow-up support.


The day will include a visit to a proposed demonstration site where the principles you learn will be applied.


Participants can have a subsidised soil test done prior to the workshop so you can use your own results on the day. Contact us to find out more details.


This event is proudly presented by Watershed Landcare Incorporated and NSW Local Land Services