Helping farmers put the right fertilisers on their crops and pasture to maximise returns while simultaneously building soil health. Our program is designed to stimulate soil microbiology as well as plants and when used correctly will increase soil organic carbon so over time less and less fertiliser will be required to achieve the same outcome.

Every soil is different and needs individual treatment


Getting soil chemistry right is key to crop production, yield and soil health. We can provide consultation services from soil sampling, soil test interpretation and fertiliser selection to determine and provide the best and most cost effective results for the soil and the farmer.


With all the competing information out there, it’s hard to know what's best to improve your soil and your returns. Our science and results backed advice and support will help you get the most from your crops, pasture and fertiliser investments. Our clients have ongoing access to personal support.


We deliver training workshops on soil chemistry and plant nutrition. These one day and two day workshops are designed to inform farmers of the fundamentals of how soil and plants function including the chemical, physical and biological properties of fertile soil, and enable participants to properly read and interpret soil reports, and calculate amendments with followup support.